Patient Survey

Quality Assurance Survey

We want to know what you think and we want to reward you for telling us!

Please take a few minutes to answer questions about your experience with IEC. You will receive a $20 credit on your account for any future purchase at IEC. (One time credit of $20 per patient account; must be 18 years or older).

We use survey information internally to improve our patient care. This information is never shared with parties outside of IEC; however, we may contact you if you have an issue you would like to be resolved. IEC doctors and staff are committed to patient satisfaction.

Please rate the following questions using a scale of 1 to 5:

5 - Excellent Experience
4 - Very Good Experience
3 - Average
2 - Fair
1 - Poor
N/A - Not Applicable / Don't Know

Was our staff courteous and professional on the phone? (required)

How courteous and professional was our staff during every aspect of your visit? (required)

Were all your questions answered? Were we attentive to your needs? (required)

How would you rate your overall experience in our facility? (required)

Rate your satisfaction with IEC in regards to the value of your services and products. (required)

How well did we follow up with you if you ordered contacts or glasses? (required)

Would you like to be contacted in regards to a specific issue? (required)

Would you recommend IEC to your family and friends? (required)

Are you 18 or older? (required)